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Preparing for the Future

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Why I'm Running

I feel the best way we can help our communities is with the the gift of time and serving others.  I've witnessed great things that have been accomplished when people apply selfless dedication to a task.  This is why I have decided to run as a candidate for the Latah County Board of Commissioners. 

I want to focus on the issues that we all find important and necessary for our families in everyday life.  The necessities we all have in common, such as high quality education for our children, for all the communities in Latah County to have adequate municipal facilities, safe and well maintained highways, roads and bridges, access to affordable health care,  the ability for all to enjoy our public lands, and to ease our property tax burden.

These are just a few things that we have in common, and are necessities for all of us as citizens of Latah County.  These are the issues that I will concentrate my efforts on if elected as your Latah County Commissioner. 

I will always listen to people's needs and ideas, be objective and engage in reasonable and respectful conversation.  Please join with me with your support.

- John 

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