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John Bohman for Latah County Commissioner District 3

LWV 411 '22 Responses


What experiences have prepared you for this office?

I was born and raised in Latah County. My family moved here in 1917 and have been working the land ever since.


I previously served as the Treasurer and President of the Troy FFA Alumni Association and am in my third term as the Troy Volunteer Fire Department Chief. I was elected to three committee terms on the Latah County Farm Service Agency County Committee, where responsibilities included ensuring Farm Service Agency programs were implemented properly and equitably.


These experiences and a lifetime in Latah County have given me the skills necessary to work well with people and administer programs and resources in a thoughtful manner. I am committed to listening respectfully and working hard to find solutions to problems.



What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

As a County Commissioner, I will focus on the issues that we all find important and necessary for our families in everyday life including high-quality education for our children, adequate municipal facilities in every Latah County community, safe and well maintained highways, roads and bridges, affordable health care services, access for everyone to enjoy our public lands, and to ease our property tax burden.



What nonpartisan activity have you participated in during the last 18 months to help improve your community?

I am heavily involved in my local FFA Alumni Association. Each year we go down to the Lewiston rodeo and volunteer each night to raise funds for FFA and its programs. I also enjoy cooking for the annual FFA auction to support the cause.


Other parents and I recently started a cornhole tournament fundraiser for our high school seniors trip to provide a fun and engaging graduation celebration for students. 


Serving as the Chief of the Troy Volunteer Fire Department has given me the opportunity to partner with the City of Troy and other entities such as Latah Sanitation to host and participate in public events such as clean up days that both serve and engage the community.



How will you continue to be engaged with your constituents?

I encourage and welcome respectful discussions. If elected, I want everyone to know and trust that I am approachable and eager to hear their concerns. Although I may not always have the same views as the people I engage with, I would still be an elected representative of the county and it is my duty to hear all voices.


I will make sure that my contact information is always available and I will strive to answer any concerns and questions in a timely manner. I will make a concerted effort to attend as many events throughout the county as I can to make sure that I am visible and available for discussion.



Is there anything else you wish to tell the voters?

As the Latah County Commissioner from District 3, I will work hard to make decisions that benefit the county as a whole and make services accessible to all residents.

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